January 1, 2008 Comments (0) Seven Principles


Me kauanuanu koe ki ngā kararehe katoa

Respect Wildlife and Farm Animals

"Ultimately, to coexist we have to change, to accept that nature isn't a factory constructed for us - accept that we are part of it, not its masters"

Geoff Park

Encounters with wildlife inspire wonder. Unfortunately, wildlife in New Zealand faces threats from loss and fragmentation of habitat, invasive species, pollution, over-exploitation, poaching and disease.

Our parks and reserves offer a last refuge from some, but not all of these problems. That is why wild animals and marine life need people who will treat them with respect rather than add to the difficulties they already face. If wild animals are changing their behaviour because of our actions, we are too close and interfering with their normal behaviour.  Never feed wildlife- human food is toxic to many birds and it attracts them to carparks and other areas where they are likely to be injured.  We need to share the outdoors not invade it.

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