LNTNZ & the Kathmandu 2021 Coast to Coast.

December 16, 2022 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Summer wishes to everyone from LNT

The Leave No Trace New Zealand team wishes everyone a wonderful summer in the outdoors. While you are out there lets be careful of our precious places so here are our top tips:

Plan Ahead and Prepare- think about where you are going and what you are doing. What gear will you need? What will the places need from you? If you are going into the hills check out https://planmywalk.nz/home

Respect Wildlife and Farm Animals- When we go to the bush and beaches we are going to the home of these animals so treat them with care. Keep your distance and control your dog. Give them the space they deserve, even when they seem to be asking for food- don’t feed them.

Dispose of Waste Properly- use toilets when they are available, bury toilet waste away from tracks and water, carry a rubbish bag so it is easy to take stuff back out.

Minimise the effects of fire- check fire regulations (possibly the biggest impact you can have is by accidentally starting a wild fire). Follow Leave No Trace fire practices, be careful around BBQs and camping stoves.

Have a fantastic time in the outdoors this summer and enjoy connecting with places, people and nature.

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