Get Involved

Looking to get more involved?

Leave No Trace is more than a slogan – it is an ethic, a way of life. Integrating Leave No Trace ethics into how we live today positively affects the life we lead tomorrow. Here are some ways you can get started.

Get Inspired

1 Minute: Explore the seven principles of Leave No Trace and discover ways to make them relevant in your life and in the lives of your friends and family.

1 Hour: Talk about Leave No Trace with others. What is it? Why are you involved? Why is it important that others are involved too? Check out this online awareness course from the USA.

Get Active

1 Minute: Lead by example. Pick up litter on a track or at a beach. Walk through a puddle to minimise damage rather than walk around it off-track.

1 Hour: Take a kid outside for a walk in a park, on a tramp or any outdoor place. Exposing kids to the outdoors and the basics of Leave No Trace is a critical first step in developing future conservation leaders.

1 Weekend: Take a Trainer Course. Not only will you learn new Leave No Trace techniques, you will learn how to educate others on the ethics and education of Leave No Trace.

Longer term: Do you have time or skills to offer? Leave No Trace relies on volunteer effort and there are many areas that you could help with. Our volunteers and their grassroots education efforts are vital to the success of Leave No Trace outdoor ethics so if you want to help contact us at

Get Connected

1 Minute: Suggest that your employer or nonprofit groups you volunteer with join Leave No Trace as a partner.

1 Day: Set up a Leave No Trace stall at a local market or outdoors event to share Leave No Trace information.

1 Weekend: Organise a camping trip with friends or neighbours and their kids. Prior to the weekend, invite the kids over and teach them some Leave No Trace tips to prepare for their camping experience.

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