January 1, 2008 Comments (0) Seven Principles


Me tupato koe ki ngā ariā o te ahi

Minimise the Effects of Fire

"If you want a spectacle, go to a fireworks display- don't light a bonfire in the outdoors"

North, Jones & Moore

Fires destroy important natural areas each year, including surprisingly wetlands. Many of these fires are either carelessly or accidentally set by uninformed campers and travellers. Large uncontrolled wildfires set unintentionally can spread rapidly and result in the critical loss of natural habitat, property and human life. First check whether fires are permitted in the place you are going.

Along with the destructive nature of fire, the natural appearance of many areas has been compromised by the careless use of campfires and the demand for firewood. Campfires are beautiful by night. But the enormous rings of soot-scarred rocks – overflowing with ashes, partly burned logs, food and rubbish – are unsightly. Surrounding areas have been stripped of their natural beauty as every scrap of dry wood has been torched.

Leave No Trace educates people on whether a fire is appropriate, and techniques that can be used to minimise the harm they cause.

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