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November 9, 2010 Comments (0) Blog Posts

LNT Freedom Camping with Kids

When we take our children freedom camping we teach them to leave no trace. We have been to some beautiful spots in the last year – Lake Tennyson and Lake Pukaki. Fantastic to have that morning coffee with such awesome scenery around you.

We always take a small shovel or pocket trowel to bury human waste away from the lakes. We keep hand sanitizer with the shovel so the children do not wash their hands in the lake.

We also take a plastic container so any washing can be done away from the lake. We carry a rubbish bag that we take home with us.

The children know that with a little preparation you can enjoy the outdoors without trashing it.

This blog was provided by Adrienne Macleod, a Leave No Trace New Zealand board member who loves taking her family outdoors

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