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Kaua koe e tukinotia i a Papatuānuku

Good To Know!

Imagine the strength a detergent must have to strip day old grease from a greasy pan. Now imagine what happens when that detergent comes into contact with the slippery skin of a fish or the waxy coating of a plant.

from 'Cradle to cradle: Remaking the way we make things'

“Man is the conscious mind of Mother Earth and plays a vital part in the regulation of her life support systems and man’s duty is to enhance and sustain those systems” – Rev Maori Marsden & Te Aroha Henare

“Pack it in, pack it out”. Any user of our outdoors has a responsibility to clean up before he or she leaves. Inspect your campsite and rest areas for rubbish or spilled foods. Pack out all rubbish and kitchen waste, including leftover food.

Lead by example. Pick up any rubbish you see not just your own.

Never miss an opportunity to use a proper toilet facility and don’t dispose of your rubbish in them. If there are no toilets – be prepared and know how and where to dig catholes or when to carry it out.

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