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March 19, 2020 Comments (0) Blog Posts

COVID, isolation, well-being and nature

There are a large number of us now going into self-isolation.  That means less hanging out with large numbers of friends and less social time going out. Self-isolation could prove to be well, quite isolating.  So how do we look after our well-being?

Fortunately nature is pretty generous with its powerful ability to help our well-being.  There is a whole bunch of research that shows how walking or spending time in nature really really good for us. So get out there and enjoy time in the fresh air on the beaches, in the parks, in the hills and get amongst it.  Embrace the generosity of nature in ways that perhaps its no longer OK to embrace our friends. 

While you are at it, consider giving back to nature (this is also good for well-being).  Practice good leave no trace practices, and take a bit of extra rubbish home with you.  Generosity works both ways eh!

Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean you are stuck in the home.  Get out there.

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