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March 22, 2018 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Abel Tasman Kayaks and Leave No Trace

Abel Tasman Kayaks has been working with Leave No Trace New Zealand for two years and has run two very successful Leave No Trace Trainer courses for its guides, and makes sure all our guides are Leave No Trace qualified!

We have been spreading the Leave no Trace principles via our maps that we provide with our kayaks and our LNT trained guides. Every one of our 20000 clients a year uses our maps which have all seven LeavTracetrace principles on it with all of our guided clients receiving a small LNT nugget throughout the day. All of our freedom clients will get a 3 to 4 minute talk around the leave no Trace principles whenever they head out. It is awesome as a company to be reaching out to so many people and hopefully, our clients are taking this knowledge away with them and using it elsewhere!!

We will definitely be running a Leave No Trace trainer course again at the beginning of next year and as a company, we highly recommend using Leave no Trace educators to educate your crew so you can educate others out there.

To book onto or organise a Leave No Trace Trainer course for either yourself or your crew get in contact with Leave No Trace New Zealand (LNTNZ) at

Now go keep it pure!!

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