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Leave No Trace New Zealand is in the process of adapting the International Leave No Trace message to the New Zealand environment and culture.  Here are some examples of the work we are doing.  If you like the resources, please consider supporting us financially and help us continue our work.  

Pocket Guide to the Principles

The second edition of our publications, the Pocket Guide is meant as an easy reference to the Leave No Trace principles.Leave No Trace

Lessons and Activities

Click here for our booklet with fun activities for teaching leave no trace principles

Blog posts

Over the years we have added anecdotes, evidence and general thoughts about leave no trace in New Zealand.  Click here for the link.  

Journal Article on Leave No Trace New Zealand

Click here for a pdf of North, C. (2011). The sidelining of environmental care education in outdoor education programmes: Why it happens, why it shouldn't and what we can do about it. New Zealand Journal of Outdoor Education: Ko Tane Mahuta Pupuke, 2(5), 35-50.  Kindly made available by the New Zealand Journal of Outdoor Education: Ko Tane Mahuta Pupuke.